Mount Sera Primary is an Independent, Christian, English-medium and co-educational day school and boarding school, catering from Pre-Primary to Grade 7. Mount Sera has been registered with the North West Department of Education since 2006 (EMIS 600105073) and is currently in the process of applying for UMALUSI accreditation.

Mount Sera strives to provide a high quality academic education and aims to produce honest and well-disciplined learners who are prepared for their role in society. To this end it is the intention of Mount Sera Primary to maintain small classes in order to support learners’ individual needs in a positive and caring atmosphere. Passionate about creating a learning culture and developing a high level of literacy and numeracy amongst our learners, the teachers of Mount Sera Primary offer complementary after-school lessons in order to remediate, enrich and further support our learners’ academic foundation.

We believe that children are individuals. To this end we will provide quality education with a view to instilling a sense of personal responsibility and social consciousness that will enable learners to realize their full potential and become independent thinkers. This will be shaped by the principles of transformation, equity and Ubuntu.

Underpinning these principles are our Christian values that are reflected in our school.

National Curriculum

As Mount Sera is registered with the Department of Basic Education we follow the National Curriculum.  This means that all our internal assessments are aligned with the CAPS requirements (Continuous Assessment Policy Statement).  All our learners write the NWPA (North West Provincial Assessments) in June and November.


It is really important that our parents are informed of the events at the school so general communication between our school and you, our parents, takes place via Principal Talk – a link which takes you to Google Play Store from where you can download the Android version of the App (for Android phones only) for FREE. Principal Talk on iOS – a link which takes you to the iTunes store from where you can download the iOS (Apple) version of the App (for iOS devices only) for FREE. If you have changed your address or cell phone numbers also PLEASE inform the office as soon as possible. If you are still not “connected” call the office for assistance.

School Hours

School begins promptly at 07:20 and ends at 13:30.

School Fees

Here at school we will be switching over to a DEBIT ORDER system of billing parents for school fees.  For you the parent, it will be less troublesome and for the school, it will be safer. Please note that school fees are payable in advance and run over 12 months i.e. from January to December. Fees must be paid by the 7th of each month.  If fees are NOT paid your child will not be allowed to attend school.  Please take note that a late payment penalty of R150 per day is levied for payments paid late.



We are happy to announce that firstly, AVIS School wear will be able to supply all Mount Sera Primary School wear. Secondly, we have made certain changes to the uniform in an effort to ensure a standardized uniform throughout the school.



53 Steen Street, Corner Pretorius Street, Rustenburg

Tel: 014 592 2198 / 083 661 5233




School wear Specialists


014 592 4190 / 072 185 7755



Every Friday it is “Civvies” which means that all learners bring R5 to school and they come in normal (civilian) clothes that day. This is not compulsory and learners who wish to wear their school clothes on Fridays, may do so.



A maximum of 15 boarders is catered for at Mount Sera aged from 6 to 13 years.  These children are well looked after and cared for and their daily homework is supervised. Parents can choose to enrol their children on either a weekly or monthly boarding basis. Enquire at the office, please for further details.


This is included in the school fees and be assured that your child is under safe supervision from 13:30 till 17:30, Mondays to Fridays. Here he/she will enjoy an afternoon snack, free play, a supervised homework hour and structured activities. Parents have to send an afternoon lunch or snack.


We have noticed that many children come to school without any packed school lunch, so a healthy, cooked midday meal is available every day and can be ordered and paid for at the kitchen before school.  The cost is R30 per day.

Tuck Shop

At first break and second break chips, and cooldrinks can be bought. French Fries (chips) can be ordered at the kitchen before school.

Juice / Water

Please give your children juice/water in sealed bottles or boxes for their breaks. We have had too many ruined, wet school books and suitcases lately because of leaking juice/water bottles. Tubs of yoghurt also need to be inside lunch boxes or in closed plastic bags. Thank-you.

Grade One Parents

Our experienced Grade One teacher works very hard with your children from Day 1 to lay a good foundation for reading, writing and maths.  It is vital that you as parents support your children at home with your interest, encouragement and assistance daily in order to ensure their success.  We expect all our Grade Ones to be able to read at school and to you at home by June.  Please be aware of the following very important point:  If your child cannot read well enough by the end of the year, despite all the intervention that will take place, we will advise that your child should repeat Grade One.  Parents, you can now appreciate what an important part you also play in your child’s educational success.

Reading is the key to success

Reading is vital for your child’s success. In order to encourage your children to develop a love for reading, we suggest that you join the Public Library as soon as possible. You will need a copy of your ID, your child’s birth certificate and proof of residence to obtain membership AND it is a great way to spend quality time with your child and broaden his/her horizons. The better your child reads, the more easily he/she copes in class.


All Grades receive homework daily.  This is written down by them, in their homework books and parents are EXPECTED TO CHECK homework on a daily basis, please and sign it off.  Please assist us in this important discipline.

Homework not done or projects/assignments not handed in are viewed in a very serious light. You, the parents, will be called to the office if your child persists in not doing it so that together we can find a viable solution. Note that an intervention record is kept for each of these troublesome learners and these records accompany them from Grade 1 to Grade 12 in their personal files. Together with our parents partnering us in the matter of their children’s education, we hope to produce happy, well-adjusted children!


Learners who have been identified as needing extra support in Maths, English and Afrikaans, will receive Intervention Letters from their teachers to attend EXTRA CLASSES on Mondays from 13:30 to 14:30.  Parents are urged to make the necessary transport arrangements so that their children can attend these free lessons.

Parents’ Evening

These take place once a term, usually the second Thursday after the commencement of the new term and usually from 17:00 to 18:30. Term One’s meeting is generally an Information Sharing Evening and an opportunity to meet your child’s teachers.  The other Parents’ Evenings are vital opportunities for discussion of your child’s report and progress.  However, if you have ANY queries at ANY time, please do not hesitate to contact the office at the number above, to make an appointment.

Weekly computer lessons

Computer Lessons

These take place on Mondays during school time and are offered by Stimu-zone.  We feel that it is very important for our learners to become computer literate. The payment of these lessons is incorporated in the school fees.


We believe in holistic education so it is really important for your children to be involved in other activities outside of school, learning other skills and inter-acting with other children on a different level. So, a variety of extra-mural activities is offered directly after school on Tuesdays, Wednesdays and Thursdays until 14:30.

Please encourage your children to attend AND make the necessary transport arrangements if needed. There is netball, cross country, chess, board games, story book hour, gumboot dancing, arts and crafts and choir. These are free of charge and offered by the teachers. Out-sourced activities are: soccer and piano lessons. Enquire at the office for relevant contact persons.



Experi-buddies is an out-sourced company that offers a year long programme to encourage and excite learners about Maths and Science. The classes are offered to Grade 1, 2 and 3 on Thursdays at 12:30 here at school. For more information, please visit the website or call 072 248 4412.

Class Captains

These are chosen by the teachers at the beginning of each new term and they are given certain responsibilities and duties to carry out.  They also are given a badge that they are expected to wear daily and look after.




We endeavour to have ONE outing or event once a term.  The cost thereof varies from anything between R60 to R450.  So, parents please bear this in mind and encourage your children to earn their pocket money so that you do not have to bear the brunt of these additional expenses.




Mount Sera has at least one fundraising project per term to purchase much needed items such as readers and PE equipment. We really request our parents to support us in this matter.


Code of Conduct

Last but not least, all learners are informed about Mount Sera’s Code of Conduct. It is printed in their homework diaries and they all have to sign the Pledge to show that they have undertaken to adhere to our school’s rules. If misdemeanors persist, parents will be called to the office for a meeting with the Principal.

 Download our Code of Conduct

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